…Having 2nd Thoughts…

I’m having 2nd thoughts about staying for 6 months. I’m serious. Not joking. Maybe it will affect my future but heck already. What’s so much money for if I can’t take it? Right? I don’t want to feel too depressed… I’m still in the office at noon. Don’t really feel like going to the office. SK went already. IC… now still talking. Don’t really feel like going with her. Think I’ll wait for EY.

Finally in office. Downstairs, there’s a rally-parade-like thing going on. Something like the Chingay. Just now CN brought us to a Shanghai restaurant to eat at UCC. Not too bad. Cost about 470 pesos per person. It’s 3.25pm, I’ve got a lot of things that I want to do. Better buck up. Told BY about how I felt this morning. Wonder if he will do anything…


Today we are able to go back early. At least me and RN are allowed. BUT stupidly, we waited for like 45 minutes before the van finally came at 11.15pm. We tried calling and calling but there’s no response because the network is busy. But I was still glad that I was back early. I’m talking to my sweet little Darling now. So cute… Really wished I can hug him. I hate this kind of thing when you don’t know when you can go back. I do hope that next Tuesday, the migration will be smooth and I can go back quickly. 9 more days… I’m waiting…

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