"Hello Auntie!", Said JK

Boring Saturday. Early in the morning, Zhu didn’t want me to go back with him, so in the end I slept until 11am before I woke up for breakfast, and then I started designing the layouts. I forgotten to bring back my thumbdrive, which was seriously a bad bad thing. And then I forgotten to bring my photocopied schedule and what’s worse, I can’t remote into my office PC. Basically, it’s a no-idea-what-I-need-to-do weekend. But well, If finish my first layout design which I thought was quite nice!

Went out to meet Zhu Zhu finally at PS. He waited for my because I was late. Went Long John Silver to eat before going back his house. Tonight will be going out to eat with him mother.

In the end, we never go out and eat with his mum, we went out with SS to eat instead, at Tampines Mall – Teppanyaki! Alright only… at most a 7 out of 10. But at least not too bad. WZ was quite shock to see SS so big size. The funny thing was… after going to take a letter from his Uncle, we went to pass the book to JK (nearby). And when I unwind the window, he greeted me and just said “Hello Auntie” to the person behind… and… that was… my friend… *awkward silence* We went home after that.

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