I Ate A Rubber Band

Oh no… is anything going to happen? I ate one of the rubber bands for my braces! Didn’t realise it until like half an hour later when I’m shopping with Zhu Zhu at cold storage. Sigh… Hopefully it don’t get digested. Damn… stomach don’t feel too well…

For the whole day, we hardly did anything meaningful but otherwise, yes! We woke up, and as promised, we exercise to the hip hop DVD we bought in KL. It was so funny. The 3 of us – me, Zhu and my sister, were dancing in the living room. You could see my mum kept shaking her head. And then after that, they started the grasshopper concert and was dancing away… One 32, the other 28 and 26… so old already and still dancing until like that… That was what my mum said. And when Godma came, she was laughing and laughing all the way because they were simply so funny. After all this finally ended. Zhu and me made our way to HP to meet JK who didn’t come till much later. Reason: He didn’t know that we are meeting at that place (but the time and venue was suggested by him the day before). Well, we expected that already so doesn’t really matter.

We studied for a while and went home where we took a short nap and after that, WZ woke up and illegally played the XBox. It’s a bit irritating because it was rather late and we are supposed to go and buy things but he ended up playing games. And for the past weeks, he seems so lazy… Sigh… But well, at night, he got “scolded” by me. Not that I want to. He requested it…

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