IKEA And Courts Megastore

Had breakfast at Zhu Zhu’s house again… Hmm… Stayed overnight here for 2 nights… Really not used to it… Missed my bed…

IKEA and Courts Megastore are HUGE! We took the bus to go to these 2 places at Tampines. Had dinner at IKEA. Zhu never eat there before. The place was really big. And its rather fun to go shopping for furniture with my Darling… like so… romantic! Can’t wait to get married and stay with him! *LOL* Never had dinner with my family because heard that our relatives from China came to our house… Hmm…

Oh… So I’ve got a faraway cousin… Weird though… Went hunting for a while and I K.O. Today Zhu Zhu came to my house instead!

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