it takes fate to meet, destiny to fall in love and courage to commit……

i’m going nuts… really…
i’m going nuts…
get the flat? or no?
why am i so scare of taking another step towards marriage? wasn’t i suppose to be happy? but why am i backing out now? i’m getting so stress out i couldn’t eat. i even felt scare when i’m with him? why? its me right? i’m quite sure its me… and its not the first time i’m having that. should i really consult a doctor? hm…

i was really happy at first.. but why is it so?
why why why? am i respecting him as my bf, and future husband?
i need someone to protect me, to dote on me, to cheer me up when i’m down, to pull me up if i fall. can he do it?
gosh.. why am i doing all these only now? *sob*

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