Joy Of Working

I was just talking to Aji a while ago, explaining to him about the new project. And then I realised he hasn’t really read the SOW and he started to ask me. Well, that’s the easier way right? Without reading those lengthy sentence. Oh well… I’ve been doing work and playing with my pet since morning. Had my breakfast already and had already posted the ads on SG Club website. Sigh… Why? I can’t help sigh-ing at the thought of being in TW for the next… 9 months? In a way, it’s good because I get to save money, I really do, though not a lot. But then, I seem to miss out on a lot of things. Like… spending time with my family, delaying my braces treatment, postponed my Japanese language, interior design and jewellery design courses, dancing and probably lots more. Worth it? I don’t know…

Seriously, I don’t really have the mood to work. Everybody had gone for lunch. I don’t really know why I don’t want to join but I just don’t feel like it. Probably… my heart is already back in SG, with my Zhu Zhu… I wonder what he’s doing now. Probably… working? Or having lunch? Or maybe I should just go back and have a quick shower? Hmm… to wash my hair? Quite a good idea right? ^^ Lunch? I’m still quite full at the moment. That’s the problem when I had a heavy-than-normal breakfast. I think I’ll go back.

Another weekend alone. It’s only 10.53pm and I already made 5 pairs of earrings. It seems easy, you know… as you continue to do… Sigh… Darling will be going for wedding dinner on Saturday and next Monday, which means I won’t talk to him until late at night. I miss him…

I just heard this hokkien song – 心事谁人知… Not too bad…

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