Last Weekend B4 PHP

Sigh… Felt so… Sigh… For a month… So long…

We went to the temple somewhere around noon, to pray. Then went to the Bugis food junction for lunch before I dragged WZ to study. After searching for a GOOD location to study, we finally ended up at Starbucks in Shaw Tower. I need to push him to study. His exams are coming soon. We stayed there for about 3-4 hours before we headed for Suntec City where I bought a lot of things. Sunblock, make-up remover, dental floss etc… to prepare for the trip. I’d never been to a business trip, and not for so long. So I’ve got totally no idea how much things I need to bring. But yes, my luggage is almost done, excluding the fact that I still don’t have any details on where I am going (F***).

I’m going to miss my Darling…

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