Life… Oh Life…

Life is short isn’t it? I took half a day leave today, to go check out on ES. Left rather late but its alright. Was rushing the MEGA and MENA problem. ES seems alright. But when I saw her, the first thing that struck me was… her very dark eye bag. She must had been losing sleep, which, indeed was true. She mentioned that she got to wake up early in the morning everyday to cook for her mum. Her conditions became really bad after some reactions from the medicine. “Frankenstein”, thats how she described her mum… thats how she looked like when the reaction happened. The flesh just hardened and bled. In a way, probably its best for her mum to end all these suffering. Sigh… What is life… Yes, its true that every beginning, there’s an end. But… does it have to go through sickness?

I went for my facial after that. Not too bad. Was early, so went for the hydrobath. Its something like the jacuzzi. Nice…

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