Lonely & Depressed

I really hate the idea of coming to TW… sometimes… Everytime when I’m flying back, I can’t help feeling sad, those at the verge of crying. I saw my Zhu Zhu went to take the lift. That’s it… I won’t see him in another 18 days. 18 days… it’s not very long but… sigh…

Damn, new guy, Roy, coming to stay in the apartment, so weird. By the way, I saw those beads… hmm… not as nice as I expected but it weren’t too bad. Just remembered that my sister told me that the “flea market” cost like $5 for a day near our house. Maybe I should try it?

*Stoning…* Darling slept already. Hmm… what am I going to do? Maybe I should sleep early too? For the past 2 weeks, it was really nice to have Darling sleeping beside me almost everyday but tonight, I’m alone again…

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