Long Awaited Steamboat!

Yes! Finally organized the steamboat! Of course, with a change of people. Never invited ES or SO because… well… haven’t really heard about them for quite a while. Dare not ask them either because I’m already too busy with my own things. Sigh… That’s life, I guess… As you grow older, you start to distant from your friends, especially if you are married. I was at WZ’s house till 2pm. I had a really nice sleep, it was raining in the morning and I took the flu medicine the night before which knocked me out. And of course, it always felt really nice with my Darling beside me! Leon came to pick us up with RL. He’s supposed to help DW sing the song, but in the end… it doesn’t turn out really well, so I sang instead (just for trying out). But seems like they had quite a fun time playing MU Online, other than the fact that my PC is so lagging… Oh… I ought to get a new notebook and PC but its so freaking expensive! And I’m broke! Sigh… And then… we ended up playing the stupid Guild Event till late…

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