Lower Braces

Ugly ugly ugly!!! Me back in office now. Morning went to have breakfast with Skyes, then went for my dental appointment. Everything went smoothly except that now I look damn UGLY. I put orange, by the way. And I can’t seem to pronounce properly. After that went Stansfield and MDIS to help Skyes and Leon gather some information on the studies. Bought another 6 pairs of earrings. ^^ Had lunch with Skyes after that. Terrible… Ugly…


Dinner at Merchant Court wasn’t very fantastic due to the pain in my teeth. Sigh… But anyway, wasn’t too bad though I think the two of them thought its too expensive already. And said want to bring me to Pariss (wherever that is). Went to Skyes’s place after that. Leon was so funny. Couldn’t get the hint that I’ll be staying at Skyes’s place for a while and insisted on waiting for me to take my things and sent me home.

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