Lunch With Lil’ Pat

Everyone was in a meeting… apparently something hanged again and they are thinking of ways to salvage it. So in the end, I went for lunch with Lil’ Pat. It’s the first time I had lunch with him, alone. But it was quite fun, at least we can talked. I really would want to meet his gf someday. Her “pattern” seems to be like me, the kind that hopes that the bf will be there for her most of the time. And Lil’ Pat is like my Zhu Zhu, who is still young, and would want to play some more. That’s why… in a way… I don’t want to get married yet…

OMG! GL is pregnant! So nice…

Zac Efron is SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! SO CUTE until my Zhu Zhu don’t mind turning gay because of him =.=”’ Would he really turn gay? *Ponder* O.O High School Musical 3 (HSM) was really nice. The dancing and the singing… Me and Zhu Zhu went back and watched the Part 1!

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