MC Again. Recuperating.

Felt slightly better but not really that fit to go for work yet. But I’ll try to work from home. ^^ Thanks to my mum, and WZ, and whoever that tried to help, I felt a lot better actually. Later will have to go and collect the MC for today. Just now I opened those little notes in the bottle. So cute… Where did he get the time to go and buy the bottle? Hmm… Oh well, today is Wednesday, which means I need to work another day then its Good Friday already! Hmm… is that a good thing or bad thing? But for now, I can’t really think. Later must rest again. My head is still a bit goggy…

I really think the way P wrote things… SUCK. Look at the way he wrote in the Jira… Sigh…

F. U. to that P.! Anyhow assigned to people… Damn him!!!

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