Medicines Finishing…

Although I’m using the SK-II products now, which somehow seem to have some good effects, I lacked of sleep due to the stupid cough. Woke up at 5am today and started coughing like mad. Spitted out the phlegm but doesn’t seem to make much difference. My medicines almost finishing, left the cough syrup and I haven’t recover yet! How?

I think I will faint if everyday I need to rush my work like that. Just now NN came online, she wanted to do the tuition thing. Of course I’m more than welcome to do it. I need some distraction from work although that one seems like work too. Anyway, seems like her blood pressure isn’t that good recently. Hopefully she can get some rest and relax a little bit more. It’s 6pm already and I’ve still got tons of things to do. Sigh… Don’t really feel that well…

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