Mental Imbalance

I’m back. Back from Genting. Do I feel like coming back? Yes, I do, but not to work… I came back and switch on my computer to check my email. And then I hesitated… Should I check my office email? In the end, after much consideration, I did. 23 emails. 3 useless… I can feel the stress, the anger, the irritation coming back. Do I love my job? I’ve got no idea. It seems like a world of pushing the blame around, covering your own ass. I’m fighting a war tomorrow. Again. How I wish at this moment, I’m still at Genting, hugging my Darling in the hotel. He’s going to fly… I have a feeling that he will… As reluctantl I am… I know I have to let him go and do the things that he want to. I miss him… though it’s only been about 2.5 hours since I last saw and kissed him…

Oh yes, I almost became an illegal immigrant just now. Was crossing the Woodlands checkpoint. Then I saw this sign that says “Foreign Passport”. I mean, its understood that we SHOULD go up. But in the end, because I saw these words “Japan, China, Korea etc” but not Singapore, so I pulled Zhu Zhu to cross the other one, which are for M’sians… But after crossing it (which nobody stop us at all), we found it weird, so we detoured and asked the guy in charge there and he said that we should go up. So we did, and saw my parents there. =.=”’ I’m blur, I admit. Sigh…

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