Thats our nickname in the forum! Cute right? ^^ Saw RN’s msn message… “RN loves EN” Well… I just don’t feel good because somehow… as a friend, he’s not honest at all. What’s there to hide?… I’m going PHP soon, Sunday at 1320. Sigh… Kind of… But…

Still don’t know the car plate no. yet… *Waiting*… Today also no mood to work. Tomorrow is Labour Day! And tonight we are going to Zouk! But… those who brought my baby there, will also be there… Don’t really like that somehow…

My flight had been changed to 0940 on Sunday. The car plate no. not out yet. Car won’t be ready till next Tuesday or Wednesday. Zouk had been cancelled. What’s more…? I felt so depressed now… *DAMNED*

SCARY!! THIS IS SO SCARY!! MY NEW TEAM MATE!! I said one sentence, and he talked for 5 minutes non-stop!!! *FAINT* The car plate number is out. SJE5920S.

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