My Little Baby… …

12.07am… Think today will work till rather ‘early’. WZ went to work already. Today he’s doing OT till about 3am, then he’s going supper with the rest. I told him to drive there. Of course right? I mean, its only logical. In case if its raining or whatsoever… Sigh… Miss him so much… Been a week since I’m here already. Its quite bearable, but I prefer to be beside him. Hugging him whenever I can…

Fun? No… it wasn’t exactly fun. I just want to go and take a look and see how things are like. Terrible. Sleazy place. Do I like that kind of place? The fun? No… actually I don’t. I think I still prefer to be i my Darling’s arms. Bronx. I think thats the name of the place. I had actually thought they wanted to go some pub. But it’s a disco. No worries, I never hanky panky, of course I wouldn’t. I love my Darling so much! The more I stay here, the more I felt like going back to SG. It just doesn’t seem fun without him around. I’m looking at him now, again, through the webcam. Wished so much I was there, again. Oh damn! He just went to scratch near his bird bird area… Ah… I miss him so much!!! Get me out of here!!

In office at 3.50pm. Woke up at 1pm and waited like an hour for the food till almost 2.45pm. Fainting. Still got alcohol inside my stomach. Luckily it wasn’t a lot. I somehow… don’t really like to drink so much already. It’s a GOOD THING! ^^

Users STILL haven’t confirm on the migration. TMD… Sigh… I told LC to pend my 6 months trip at the moment till I reached back SG then we discuss. She asked me if the company can help? No… Its PERSONAL. Hmm… $1,500, cpfable and taxable… which means, per month I’m getting $1,200 ONLY. Thats like… $40 a day! Its PATHETIC! $10 more than ad hoc trips and I had to suffer so much. I don’t really need the CPF, seriously… if I’m going to feel so suffocating…

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