Need Some Quiet…

Yes, I’m feeling down. It’s obvious. I don’t feel like talking. What’s the point of talking when you are not really heard? Sometimes he don’t seem to care. Let me do my own things. Never ask me where I am, what I’m doing. Why? Because I told him wherever I go. He gave me too much freedom. So much until I felt like he cares more about others than me. Yes, when I’m in SG, he will accompany me but thats not the case when I’m overseas. Isn’t it the same? Am I tying him down too much? I don’t feel like talking to him today. What’s the point? He got nothing to say to me. I asked him about his friends, he said I’m KPO. I know he meant it in a way. Then? Talk on rubbish again?… Yesterday he did call me after I sounded something was wrong but he ended up with “I’m going to scold people if I continue talking like that”… It’s the reception… Can’t he control his temper a little? He heard me say Goodbye and hung up… I need some quiet time to think through… Since I’m already alone, then let me be alone. I’m shutting down. For a short while.

Alright, I’m fine already. I realised that though I might get rather down easily, I feel okay rather fast too! Well, I still love my Darling a lot… so… I just need re-re-re-re-re-assurance again and again and again. Actually as long as he treats me nice nice, soft soft, don’t “ignore” or make me felt “abandoned”, I’m quite alright with him going anywhere…

Heard from him that… FK and her bf having some problem. Seriously, to solve this, it’s very simple. Just ask J to stop seeing that girl, and that’s it. Totally cut off. Everything will be okay. That is, if J really still loves FK and wants to be with her. He had to do it. No other choice. Sigh… sometimes… I’m really afraid that this kind of thing will happen to me (again). Never mind… Don’t think too much.

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