New Computer Borned

Oh yes… I finished installing everything! Nice nice… Everything in its place! Just went for lunch with almost the whole company. Today is YF and SK’s last day in Singapore before going to Taiwan for the next 6 months, so we went to a restaurant along Pasir Panjang road for lunch. 6 months… Rather long for the both of them. Some more, both of their kids are still so young… Sigh… Well, time to start work already! Jerome getting married today. Will be going to his wedding dinner tonight. Oh… so boring… Some more on a week day…

The wedding dinner was so boring… Got to know that J met his wife less than a year and got married. The wife’s family are rich. J will be staying with the in-laws. =.=”’ The rest still the same, that 3 that I knew. But still, the dinner was boring. I went back on my own after that. Thats the thing… I have to go back on my own…

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