No Common Sense?

Its been raining for the past 2 days. So nice to sleep. But… I didn’t really get to sleep well. Woke up around 4am then… Somehow, I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up throwing the medals and got 2 bless and 2 soul for half an hour before I forced myself to sleep again. Oh yes, I managed to cut one of my finger nail the yesterday night though. ^^ I’m a bit hyper today but not the environment that I’m in… Hmm… Getting… Quiet…

IR asked me to help out when he’s not around till the new PM is here… Oh… Let the new PM not be here… *LOL* Just now discussed some of the things with NN. Hmm… Its always nice to work with her, just that, you ain’t sure if it’ll work since… she’s like that and I’m like that. Oh well… Zhu’s hp is flat… Sigh… Nobody to chat with me already.

What is common sense? Do you have it? How do you consider something to be “COMMON SENSE”? “Practical knowledge”. Doesn’t that thing explains everything? “PRACTICAL”, if you are stuck at home, hardly talk to people, even if you chat, you don’t chat about that topic, will you have any practical knowledge on that? Its impossible! So so so sarcastic…

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