Not Awake Yet *Yawn*

I’m so sleepy… Confirmed not enough sleep… Walked too much yesterday… I HATE Monday… I want my bed!!! And I hate to use my brain early in the morning. My brain is just not awake yet!

Its after lunch already but I still don’t feel like doing anything. And I’m having a bit of difficult in typing, think its time for me to cut my fingernails… Still got 4.5 more hours to go. How???? I want to get married! I don’t want to work! I want to have my own business! I want to be a tai tai! I want to sleep!!! Oh… Its so contradicting… My brain is not functioning well yet…

Eating cereal again… Didn’t realize that its Jer’s birthday today. Time passes so fast… I knew him back in 2003. Now its already 4 years later. So many things had changed. 1.5 more hours to go, and my brain just started functioning. Bored. WZ back at home playing game already. And I’m still working… Terrible. Maybe later I’ll go home and do some skipping? But… its so late already…

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