Oh No… My JLPT 3…

I think my time management really SUCKS too… I just realised I’ve only got 2 months to study for my JLPT 3! Sigh… Disastrous. I think I really cannot make it. How? I really feel like passing it but then somehow… maybe the interest isn’t there already? Or… what am I trying to do? *sob* Too many things I want to do (especially hugging my BeBe) but too little time and concentration to…

Is it just me? Or is it really true that I’ve got nothing much to do? Hmm… I mean… yes, I know there are certain things which I need to get it done but… it’s not the time to do it right? Damn… I felt so lost again.

Today’s eggs are… toooooooo salty… and the vegetables… tooooo bland… luckily the chicken still okay… *phew* Nobody in the office now except me. Hmm…

Need to OT today. Damn… I agreed to help out QA and now their meeting will be at 6.30pm. Why? Because IC’s team coming in only at night. GREAT. I don’t even know how come they never plan properly. =.=”’

Finally back in apartment eating the carrot cake from Chun Shui Tang. But I think I bought too much. NT100 instead of NT50. Damn… and now I can’t finish it. Later will need to look through everything, I mean the work. Have to help in testing.

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