Old Monkey

I’m late for work! The alarm clock went off at 7am, I pressed it down and suddenly woke up at 8am! Alright… I’m late but not so late. Late for like… 20 minutes? Must be that old monkey! So last minute then tell me need my help for the montage. I started thinking what can I do for that for the whole night, even when I was sleeping! Ended up dreaming of me, Skyes, J, C and F, and not sure who’s the other guy on a small “ship” which can be on the road. Then somehow, the ship was sinking, so we had to abandon it and I was so sad ‘cos the life was terrible… Then I woke up. Sigh… And then now, I need to start thinking what I can write for my self assessment and… Hmm… Got an email from the unexpected.

I think I want to kill people already. Why is it those NEW helpdesk will always keep asking you, and asking you, and asking you… Terrible one… You think we software engineers are so free to keep on helping you to check on the status! F***!

Its 4.13pm! I just finished writing on the self-achievement and sent it to IR… Sigh… Wonder how life will be if the new PM is here… An Indian… Communication error? At least IR is supposed to be a Chinese… Sigh… Anyway, later will be watching Beowulf with Zhu… No time? Yes, by right but that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice the time I spent with Dar Dar right? Going to work on the Clarise’s Wedding SDP now.

WT came to talk to me just now regarding the security email that he sent. He… wanted a few of us to form a small group. Hmm… Should I join? Anyway, I mentioned about the MCPD to him. Terrible… I need to go do more research AGAIN. Beowulf? Not too bad though I find… Not much story line… One thing I learned about that movie. Beowulf is just an ordinary man who is very “se”. Why? Hanky panky with the mermaid and the don’t know what thing is that. =.=”’

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