Opportunity + People Helped

There’s 2 new PMs coming in today. I think they are from India… 2… And there’s more and more Indians… Are they really that good? Well… Maybe technically yes… But I can’t seem to communicate with them. Whatever the case, I’m counting down. 2.5 more months. There doesn’t seem to be any opportunity here at this moment. Course? I don’t want to walk that route, why do I want to take that course? Everything seems alright until he promoted her. I somehow, felt a lot of unbalance-ness. But maybe its me, I’m just too sensitive…

Time to knock off… Today… EZ treating us for dinner… How… Sigh… Speechless… But never mind, I shall even work harder for it… After all, the 1cm book DOES make sense. I can do better elsewhere if they don’t treasure me. The word is: PLAN.

Had dinner at Marche. In the end, C treated us instead ‘cos EZ not feeling well, so she went home. Only me, G, IR & wife, C, EY and RT went. It was so funny, we were talking about HY and how he went from Marine Parade, to Bukit Batok, to Woodlands and then back to AMK, and NOT sending someone who is staying in Hougang. You know why? because SHE stays in WOODLANDS and I suppose he wants her to be the last person he sends back…

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