P = A2

I’m in the office now. Saw EZ’s MSN message: P = A2. So I went to ask her, what does it stand for… Performance = Attitude + Ability. Well, it seems rather true… Had a talk with NN this morning. She felt like quitting. Her project that she was supposed to be doing was canceled and she felt really lousy to continue on. Furthermore, if she stays on, she will be doing technical stuff, which is something that she don’t really want to… Made me start to wonder again… There’s so many people out there who are technically so much stronger than me. What makes people think that I’m good? *ponder*

Working and working… Now its already 7.09pm and my dinner isn’t here yet… Hungry… Just now we had this staff meeting and it talks about the 6 steps towards the New Generation. Hmm… I really need to think FAST to get ahead… I think I’m lagging already… EY and HB are both good. YC is taking MCTS. What am I doing? Still thinking… Terrible…

Oh!!! I love my Darling more and more each day! Went to hug him again, since Dad driving today…

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