Partial Colourblind

I got a scare on my way to work just now. Received an MMS from the police, with the terrorist’s face. Weird right? Especially when I don’t hear from anyone that they received this. I mean, I just came back from Genting. Anyway, checked with EZ and realized that the police will send to people. Alright, it wasn’t that bad. YS SMS me, he had been doing his duty since last evening because of this guy. I don’t understand how come he can escaped anyway… Well, no time to bother about this. I need to clear all those emails. Sigh… I’m back in the office. Same people. Same work.

CN just treated me for ice-cream. LL didn’t want to eat. So full now but… it’s back to work. Sigh… I miss my Darling…

WZ just went for eye test and the doctor asked him to go and re-take again on Wednesday. Why? Because out of 10, he only got 7 correct. We went back his house and took some Ishihara test online and yes… I’m quite sure that he’s partially colourblind. Not totally, just a little bit. Especially on the darker brown and black. But at the same time, I think he also don’t really know how to read. Well… Hopefully he can clear and try for cadet pilot. Hopefully…

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