TMD! Early in the morning drizzle at my side, then when I reached here, it was raining! Shit! And I left my umbrella at WZ’s house and SHIT! That day I brought the pink colour umbrella and put in office already! Bloody hell… Now I’m all drenched! And sorry, that doesn’t make my day AT ALL. THEY better don’t come and pissed me off. I’m ALREADY PISSED enough! Another stupid day…

WHY?… Is my list of “Things to DO” getting longer and longer everyday…? =.=”’ Tired. Exhausted. Shagged. Fainting. And it’s freaking cold for no idea why. The air-con is right above me. Sigh… I changed my dental appointment for no reason. Now… I don’t know when I’m going to PHP. I don’t know if I can make it for 2 of my newly made appointments for my braces which I wanted it so much to be off. Sigh…

Went to WZ’s place just to ensure that everything is alright for him. Oh… terrible… How would I know why he wants to be a pilot??? But I will say, JY is quite a good help over here. Tired. Go sleep already. I had actually wanted to sleep early.

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