Plan, Plan, Plan & Action!

Alright, today have to plan and DO it already! Cannot always plan but no action! The time is 12.27pm, let’s see how far I can do!

Am I losing it? I felt like I’m going crazy, over something so trivial when I realised that Zhu Zhu is going out with them, and he’s the one who initiated it. Seriously, I’m alright with it but I don’t know why, when I initially heard it, I just felt like I’m neglected. But… not that he wanted to neglect me. He can’t possibly just stay at home and accompany me right? And honestly, I’m alright with him going out… Sigh… I think I’m not suitable to work overseas. Bad experience. 4 more months to go.

The “Miss No Good” is so funny! She straightened her hair already. Moral of the story? Too curly = Not nice. Damn. I really hate my hair now. Sigh… Maybe I should try dressing up when I’m in TW also? And how? Should I continue to work in TW? Really can earn a lot more!

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