Pregnancy – Dance to the Music

When you are so freaking burn off at work, you start to do weird things…

Well, it’s really nothing much. I was listening to some Christmas songs with my headphones and I thought, hmm… maybe my little milo would love to listen to some music. And so I did. I placed my headphones on my tummy (the volume isn’t really that loud, at 50% only) and within seconds, he started kicking and punching! It’s nice to think that he loves it and is dancing to the music! (OF COURSE there’s also a possibility that he’s telling me that I’m disturbing his sleep)

Anyhow, when you read on articles, it often mentioned that babies can actually hear noises when they are in the womb. The sound might not be very clear but they can still hear it. So I guess that’s where those “tai jiao” come from (education before birth). Thus, there’s always those readings and singing to the babies even though they are not born yet!

Believe it or not, but I will still try and do it for this second baby, as much as I can. Enjoy! *…frosty the snow man,…*

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