Project Stella

TODAY! Is the day I’ll start this project – Project Stella. To make myself pretty pretty! My goals? Oh… Erm… Well… There’s bound to me ups and downs right? Just that now I’m in my really DOWNS… But its alright! I’ll start planning and dress up first. Happy is the most important thing!

How should I start? Busy clearing my things but not fast enough yet! WT came back with a new pair of glasses. My hair? Hmm… Yes, I know a lot of people couldn’t recognize me at first glance… HY… Goodness… He knew me for the longest and he couldn’t recognize me too. Terrible. But its a change! A good one! *wink* Finally managed to eat the prawn noodle with PRAWNS! At night, I went to WZ’s house. HOW I MISSED HIM!!! I was so happy to see him again!!! My Darling! My beloved Darling! ^^

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