Pushed Too Much

I thought today will be rather nice… But in the end… WT asked why we never do the workshop. Honestly… Do you think those 2 hours of simplified training will let me understand and know how to do OOP? Those are for people who are familiar with it. Not those who are not… Whats the point? When was the last time I did OO? So long ago… And I’m not those like EY who probably loves it… Sickening…

Busy… Again… Thats the ONLY word I can think of. Oh! Probably there’s another one – SHAGGED. I had dinner with WZ and his mum. It was her birthday. We ate at the usual Ma La steamboat restaurant. Not bad. But then… The fear of staying with in-laws increases. I’m a person who’s not very particular with food that I eat. But then, for the mum, she will say “This cannot cook too long” etc… But I love it that way? Its like… I like to eat instant noodle that are cooked till its soggy… So? I love that! No, no and no for now. I will not consider that option for now. If that really happens, I’ll do OT everyday. Nearly doze off in front of my computer again…

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