Question: Did I Trigger It?

I was only trying to get some little help, but I never realised that I can get like 7-8 emails because of that. Did I trigger something? AR replied, and pointed out the mistakes. Then realised that it’s the L2 testing on something but never switched it back. Then YB was a little pissed in the way they do things, because it’s not transparent. And BY was wondering why how come the QA never raised it (but after some investigations, actually they did, but just that nobody responsed to them… a bit sad to hear that)

Back very aching. Sit down for too long? *Yawn* I miss my bebe…

Tired. Hungry. They inside meeting room fighting again. Sigh. Just now NL passed me a brochure for the XGSY sale. So… tempting… BUT… a lot of people told me to SAVE money… I think… I must be getting a little too tired… To miss out on emails. But yet… maybe the customers are tired too…

Waited till 9pm+ before we (YB + WT) left for dinner + KTV. BY couldn’t make it because he’s got some meetings. Wars, and fires around. You can see everything got heated up in PHP – maybe partly because of IC and $$. And then, there’s the new lady – BL, who kept asking and asking, and it seems like I became the middle man. Sigh…

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