Ramblings #0628

9.05am – Rise and shine to a nice, bright and freaking hot morning! Ooooh…

9.42am – Okay! It’s time to start work! But which one first? Should I do the office work or plan my own things first? Hmm… I think let’s do the first one first. I’m paid to do that actually. *LOL*

10.53am – WOOHOO! I won’t miss little milkie’s first birthday! The business trip had been postponed! NICE!

11.39am – Oh God. I’m so bored… so bored… so bored…

1.48pm – My arms are breaking… but it’s okay. At least I managed to get that bloody heavy fondant! Ah… still not sure how I should decorate the cake ever since the failure that day… And the suggestion of using the chocolate nuggets doesn’t seem to work when the chocolate nuggets doesn’t look smooth and beautiful at all. Sigh. Never mind, shall think about it.

3.51pm – HUH?!!! RAINING HAILSTORMS?? IN SINGAPORE?!! WTH!!! OMG… the weather is going crazy…

4.09pm – I wonder if it’s the result of cloud seeding…

4.29pm – Alright. First it’s the haze. And then now that it’s gone for a few days, we heard of hailstorms, and then shortly after, we heard news of haze coming back at Chinatown. Oh gosh… the weather’s going nuts! Probably one day it’s going to snow over here! Might be a good idea to get my parents to get thicker clothes. In case it goes OUT OF STOCK again.

5.02pm – Crap. The sun is out again with totally no sign of rain over at my side. Such temperamental weather!

6.55pm – Geez… Am watching the news on TV now, and the hailstorm looks bad. The wind was so great that trees had fallen. Man-made rain… I wonder what will happen if humans continue to act as God…

7.46pm – Ah. Stuck again. Got to finish feeding little milkie first.

8.32pm – Why isn’t there any brown colour 80g paper? It’s weird. When you’ve got packets of different colours ranging from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, black and white BUT not brown! It’s going to be freaking expensive if I were to get it by weight. Ah… need to have a change of plan.


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