Ramblings #0683

12.31am – Great. Now then she fell asleep. Looks like I can’t do anything anymore…

7.30am – It’s one of those mornings where you can’t continue to lie on your bed even though you switched off the alarm because a cute little baby kept tapping on you to wake you up so that she can pass her socks to you… -.-”’ Morning…

8.54am – Crap. I left home earlier today but yet reaching the office around the same time. Sometimes, when something is meant to me, no matter what you do, the outcome is still the same. Life. Crap.

11.15am – Okay, settled some of the things. Now, I’ll need to catch the right timing to go for my lunch as well as visit the TCM. I think it’s about time to start tuning my health, again.

2.32pm – After listening to the words from the trainer for the goal management training yesterday, who is the HR director of our company, I think we all really ought to stop taking all those artificial drugs, and start taking things in it’s natural form, or slightly natural form, a.k.a. the chinese medicine. I’m back, taking those yucky and bitter medicine – the beginning to a healthier life!


4.05pm – How interesting to know, that your boss ain’t please with your boss’s boss.

5.20pm – The sky darkens and the rain pours down. It wasn’t just a question. It’s a key to unlock the turmoils that had been locked in the dungeon…

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