Ramblings #0694

1.07am – I heaved out a sigh. The thoughts of going to work tomorrow left me feeling low.

7.46am – Hang in there…

9.10am – Let’s… just keep it low today…

9.15am – My face looks solemn today as I walked towards the end. The joyous laughter of the girls from the other department. Was it this company or just my department? How can they stay here for that long? Most likely, it’s the latter, for the turnover rate was so high till you don’t even want to know it.

11.30am – After an hour of training, my mood is still equally bad. And it definitely didn’t help with the lil’ hub getting irritated when I called a few times without saying anything. Hey… it’s the problem with the phone or connection. Use your ass also will know that I won’t call for fun, consecutively for a few times. Do you think I’m so free?

1.38pm – Colleague told me to make time for myself but how? The work that I do doesn’t give me satisfaction. Baby needs me. I need to help my mum. The lil’ hub needs me. Really? Second one? And now I need to plan for the educational fees for the baby. 800 bucks per month at max. Ooooh…

1.49pm – Doc said I need to eat red meat everyday. Yucks. Said I need to and have to relax. Urgh.

2.44pm – Let’s listen to some songs to relax…

3.17pm – It’s no wonder I feel so down today. IT’S A BAD DAY FOR THE MONKEYS!!! DARN.

5.38pm – OFF TO DINNER!

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