Ramblings #0696

7.45am – The sleep last night hasn’t been good with the little one giving out a cry almost every hour. Her pacifier had dropped in the middle of the night and for some reasons, she cried for it which isn’t really the norm nowadays. Thank God it’s Friday already… I’m having a headache again.

10.03am – “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” – Bruce Lee. I think I should stop thinking and start doing.

1.48pm – The head feels tight. Not a really good thing to be feeling that consecutively for days.

4.03pm – I feel like tearing up all those pieces of paper. Am glad it’s a “break” time now since it’s our weekly meeting. Weekly meeting… sigh… thinking about the idea of  waiting for another 2 years in order to get promoted really puts me down… And the more I think, the more I feel it’s not right. I’m just being humble on the work that I do and thus I didn’t give myself an extremely good rating. Furthermore, those goals ain’t written by me!! How do you expect me to keep track when the list are given to me at the end of the quarter? Weird. But never mind. 2 years is… too long anyway…

11.47pm – After battling with the little one for the past 2 hours, she finally succumbed herself to the Z-monster. Not exactly sure what’s wrong but am making the assumption that probably the “laughing” too much causes the wind in her stomach, and thus resulting in the puking of milk that in turn causes the fussiness. Ah…

The lil’ hub is asleep, with the reason that he needs to wake up really early in the morning. I, do, envy him at times. But nonetheless, he did try and help to look after little milkie today, just probably in a not too correct way.

Well, looks like a day is over again, and am looking forward to a long day ahead tomorrow with visiting of 2 childcare centres. I should be able to come to a decision by then. And I had to, since the lil’ hub won’t be free to go and visit the centres. Sigh…

Maybe, I should really take half a day off to plan my things…

Oyasuminasai, minnasan… Ogenki desu ka?

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