Ramblings #0700

5.43am – Aaaaaaah. I really dozed off. Aaaaaaah. There’s a missed call from lil’ hub. Oops.

6.14am – How can one be rubbing the eyes with the eyes still close, and apparently is still in her dreams, and then the next moment to suddenly open the eyes and asked someone to sing “Happy Birthday”? -.-”’ Weird little cute daughter. So adorable, I want to squeeze her! *LOL*

7.07am – Oh… not the socks again…

9.58am – Looks like it’s time to start work.

10.56am – Let’s just fail the audit.

1.21pm – Sigh… After days of searching through the past data, ultimately, it’s still resorting to massaging it. Sad. What the h*ll am I doing? This is so no integrity…

1.39pm – Sometimes I think… Since I’m already doing such things, I might as well do that right from the start and give all f*ke information. Why do I still bother to spend so much time on something, and in the end to waste all the efforts? Sigh… SIGH…

3.34pm – Sometimes… really REALLY… You can’t trust a person too much especially when they’ve got history of making careless mistakes… Do I really have to check through all her work?

6.10pm – Finally leaving office…

11.51pm – She fell asleep after a night of shopping and talking non-stop. And it’s funny that recently, she kept wanting to sleep near me. Snuggle with me… sooooooo sweeeeeeet… Goodnight little milkie. Goodnight peeps.

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