Ramblings #0714

5.08am – Not again…

5.20am – Wow… and she actually finishes the 150ml of milk… O.O

9.44am – Having my unusual breakfast now after a short discussion on work with a colleague. Good morning! It’s Thursday and the weather is sunny. Hopefully it doesn’t rain later as I’m going to NEX for lunch… and dinner. How time flies. It’s already mid October. Another 2 more months and it’ll be a NEW YEAR. GANBATTE!

10.00am – Urgh. Didn’t get to do much things and it’s time to start doing work. Hmm… but it’s okay. I need to be discipline. Otherwise, things just get piled up.

10.52am – Oh. I got back the letter from the company previously. Apparently someone picked it up and passed it to the HR after taking a look. Hmm… I just saw the numbers too. Gee… my annual salary is a little… pathetic… *LOL* Sigh… is this the way I want to live my life? *NOOOOOOOOOOO*

11.19am – The sleeping bug is kicking in again. *Yawn* JIA YOU. JIA YOU.

11.34am – Not much appetite. Didn’t even get to finish my breakfast. But I thought I slept not too late last night? Half past twelve? Hmm…

11.59am – Let’s take a break… *Yawn*

12.48pm – 20 minutes of power nap. One word to describe. SHIOK!

3.04pm – Gee. It’s time to work again…? *sulk*

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