Ramblings #0717

8.07am – Damn it. Overslept again. But I’m so freaking tired! Damn. I’m going to be really late.

8.32am – MY SAVIOUR! My cousin offered me a free ride to office! Which means I won’t be VERY LATE! *LOL* It’s a BEAUTIFUL DAY! ^^ Ohayou gozaimasu!

9.07am – Hmm… Internal conflict? I better…. stay out of it and just be a listener. I mean, I’m not the actual person, I don’t really know what’s the problem over here right? And seriously, it’s actually not that big an issue. Sometimes really don’t understand why some people just like to blow things out of proportions, and some people are just too particular about certain things. Anyway, stay out, stay out…

10.44am – It’s Monday and I’ve got no mood to work. Not even that tiny bit. Sigh… I hate the first day of work.

11.28am – My brain is not working…

1.50pm – I’m not in the mood to follow any “schedule” today. So just let me be… messy. Sigh… Something’s missing… Never mind, let’s revamp a bit to take some cells off.

4.30pm – Great. So much neater now. Hmm… but am still not in the mood to do anything. I wonder when will my dream job come true… Or would it really be just a dream… only? *ponder*

4.51pm – It’s definitely not a good thing when the statistics show that the rambles are more than valid thoughts. It’s unbalance. Really unbalance. I need to tune this back. Half an hour more to go before I can get out of this torture.

5.52pm – OMG! Is Clash of Clans out for Androids??? DID I SEE IT WRONGLY?!! *screeeaaaammm*

6.45pm – Contiki tour… before 35… hmm… hmm… hmm… Europe…

10.38pm – It’s really amusing to see how kids react at times…

I was reading the story of “Snow White” to little milkie. After completing, I asked her to ask the lil’ hub to tell a story. Lil’ hub, in the end, told the story of the “Pig & Bak Kut Teh”.

Lil’ hub: Little pig went to the market. Little pig went to the store. Little pig become bak kut teh.

Little milkie stared at him with a DUH look, turned to me and asked me to read again. I read another one, and asked her to ask lil’ hub to read. She didn’t want to, but the lil’ hub continued…

Lil’ hub: Little pig went to the market. Little pig went to the store…

At this moment, little milkie looked at her thumb and finger. I had no idea what she’s looking at but the next thing, she pointed her index finger at the lil’ hub and said, “BANG!

Did she just shoot the lil’ hub? O.O”’ I burst out laughing. That’s my baby, my little milkie, 15 months old.

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