Ramblings #0718

8.56am – I’m dreading, really dreading the feeling of coming to work, again. It’s only Tuesday, and I can’t concentrate at all. Mind’s running far far away. Work’s still as boring and shitty as ever. It’s the 22nd of October. We are supposed to complete our goal setting by end of this month BUT that lady at the top hasn’t completed hers. No directions at all. How? How to continue to work like that? Sigh…

9.51am – At this moment, I’m still not doing any work yet because I’m having 2 “consultations” with 2 friends. Really, I think I should change my job and become a consultant on relationships – Auntie Stella.

1.49pm – Back from lunch and look what I’ve got! Royal nuts, a small bottle of milk and a magazine! It’s been a long while since I bought any magazines as am trying to be a little frugal, but the words simply caught my eyes – “FLAT BELLY FIRM BUTT“. Gee, I probably won’t do those exercises it says but well… reading it and dreaming about it makes me feel better too. *LOL*


Half the day’s gone, let’s hope the second half would be easier to pass…

2.39pm – Some of my friends can be really so lame to the extreme. Fancy giving a DUH quiz in the middle of the afternoon. It’s not even a quiz to me… -.-”’ (scroll down for the answer, IF, you really still can’t figure it out)


 5.20pm – WOOHOO! Finished changing the category of those past posts that I ported over. I seriously wonder how come there’s no option to select the category. Or maybe did I… hmm… missed that option out? Anyway, don’t need to bother about that. It’s all done and in another 10 minutes, I’m OFF! ^^

7.39pm – It’s so nice to relax and go for facial or massage at times… Sooooo relaxing… … … zzz…

10.50pm – I’m back at my own house. Little milkie had insisted on following her dad back. Well, it’s not really that bad an idea. It’s just that… I hope I never left out anything…










(Answer: 87, turn it upside down)

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