Ramblings #0751

12.32am – OMG. Not again… She’s apparently living in another timezone that’s 3 hours or more later than us! *faintz*

1.48am – I seriously have no idea how to look at the photos or “Happy birthday” video with you babe… your mummy is fainting… please spaaaarrreeee meeee…

8.30am – Great. I’m going to be very late for work again…

9.15am – Am stoning. Reached.

10.40am – Let’s plan to stabilise everything. Having an overloaded truck of things ain’t going to help things get better.

1.00pm – I’m pretty sure my stomach size had shrunk. Finishing the whole packet of chicken cutlet is way too much for me nowadays…

2.05pm – And the war seems to have started… between the secretaries… Gee…. I better stay out too…

2.54pm – I took out the card and wrote the Christmas cards for my two little sponsored kids, 8 and 4 years old. How fortunate is little milkie… to have almost everything.

3.16pm – Okay, decided. Shall buy presents for their birthday next year! Calendar marked! ^^

4.11pm – Done with the planning! Now I just need to be really discipline! It’s packed. It’s really packed. My WHOLE of DECEMBER! Filled with FUN & LAUGHTER!! Woohoo!! I LOVE DECEMBER! The last month of 2013, which means I’ll need to plan for 2014 soon! Yes, that will be another busy year, not making babies (no time to) but to better improve myself or earn money! Will see how. Am still pondering… ^^

5.33pm – While packing and waiting for the program to run… I made all these… Time to go home! ^^

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