Ramblings #0755

9.18am – Starting work in the new office. Time to unpack and re-decorate! Maybe I’ll drop down to Popular bookstore later on. Or maybe Daiso. Can’t believe it’s already Friday. The time is passing faster and faster! Ganbatte!

9.41am – It all feels so familiar but yet so different. The warmth and comfort that it brings when one’s energy had been depleted. Maybe I missed it, too much, and thus the resemblance. But then again, I can and will only continue to miss it…

11.19am – WOW. I’ve really got a lot of rubbish. Time to clear it, once and for ALL!

3.38pm – Almost done… almost done… just a little bit more…

4.03pm – ALL DONE! My pretty and (currently) neat NEW cubicle! With the white Christmas tree and its ornaments from Daiso. The green one was for 2012.



And then I’ve also made a container using cardboard box for tissue and some of my food stuff. The space is limited, so I need to some up with something to make it look nice and tidy. Or else…

Well, there’s still a few more things to touch up but I’ll probably do it next week. One of the most important thing is probably the air freshener. Ah… and I miss the mother of 3 already. Too bad she won’t be anywhere that near…

5.06pm – Hmm… No mood to work…

5.40pm – Better pack up and go. I’m starting to get rashes… Euk. Still too dusty.

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