Ramblings #0757

12.30am – Riot in Little India? Hmm… that’s rare? I wonder what happened… anyway, I’m KO-ing now.

7.40am – WOW. WOW. WOW. I didn’t expect the riot to be THAT bad! 400 people involved. Explosion and toppling of cars. And where are the police force? 3 hours later? OMG. But what to do? It’s been decades since it last happened. NOBODY expected this to happen. Sigh… it’s just s simple instruction – no jaywalk. Can’t people just obey that first? Again, sigh…

9.54am – Let’s PRESS ON and start clearing and striking items off that list! GOOD MORNING!

10.23am – Open concept office? No good. It’s so noisy…

11.14am – I think it’s only 22 degree celsius in this new building… what’s wrong with the people… we are not in the desert… -.-”’

12.30pm – Huh? She’s on leave?!!! Great! Now it seems like it’s all going to be MY problem. You know, it’s really fine to let me handle it, but kindly at least just let me know in advance so that I can have some mental preparation. Urgh. I hated this.

1.54pm – Back from lunch at Tampines. A very quiet Monday other than the same news on the riot repeating itself on CNA. What exactly happened and started the riot, I guess nobody really knows except those who are involved. But it’s apparent that the man who got hit and killed by the private bus was trapped underneath it with his head decapitated. Well… erm… *speechless* And that there’s people who are a little drunk, thus the recklessness, and of course, our ya-ya-papaya (at times) police force. Sigh… let’s just say it’s a tragic accident that shouldn’t have happened. Luckily there’s no further death. Why can’t people just live in peace and harmony?

2.28pm – Christmas is coming… Shall we make this site a little more joyful? *inspired by Takashimaya’s Christmas design this year*

3.32pm – Don’t really like this seat either because she kept walking pass… It’s… irritating…

3.44pm – I do, for some reasons, pity those FTs who are innocent and not involved in this riot. Just because of their fellow countrymen who broke the law, they are being finger-pointed at. Likewise, for those who came from you-know-where. Although, there really is a higher percentage of that compared to this group. Sigh… people…

5.28pm – BREAKING NEWS!! The SH*T just gets better and better! The empress resigned and my idol will be taking over as the acting VP! WTF! I better start looking out elsewhere… just in case… that guy… is a salesman…

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