Ramblings #0759

12.22am – Poor little milkie. Got scolded by my mum. Let’s just say … She had it coming… It’s just a matter of time before she’ll get a scolding from my mum. I had it first hand. It simply gets worse if you cried more.

It’s midnight. It’s sleeping time. Little milkie, be good and sleep. Trying to run around on a daily basis when everyone else is so freaking tired is not the way to go. Do you want to get scolded and cry yourself to sleep everyday? Sigh…

9.03am – Oh. So it’s all but a mistake! My boss put the “out-of-office” date wrongly. No wonder she never handover anything. *LOL* Well, glad that she’s back so soon.

9.26am – H7N9. Hmm… it’s so low keyed but yet out of 139 people who got infected, 45 died. That’s like a third of the people. Wow. And to read something like “They found it was highly resistant to Tamiflu, but also that it still had the ability to infect human cells in a laboratory dish, and spread between laboratory animals just as efficiently as its non-mutated counterpart” wasn’t assuring at all especially when it’s in the area where news and numbers are contained. Sigh… but then again, it’s beyond what I can do. For now, I guess I can only stop touring to that area…

11.04am – Guess what I’d been doing for the past hour? FOLDING ORIGAMI CHRISTMAS TREE! Yes… that’s the fun part of my unofficial job scope. *LOL* Sigh… dilemma… dilemma…

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