Ramblings #0782

9.15am – Had a hearty vegetarian breakfast specially bought by one of my colleagues for a few of us. It’s not too bad but I’m not really a fan of vegetarian food. Nonetheless, I’m quite satisfied with my breakfast. It’s a Tuesday and I’m feeling relatively quite fresh. So it’s a good time to clear things. Let’s proceed!

9.31am – Having 2 person confusing you at the same time on 2 different things, is definitely not the way to go. Let’s shut one down first.

11.31am – ANOTHER day where I felt suffocated. Not trying to be racist here but WHAT’s with the cream or oil?? *in dizzy mode*

2.36pm – Nice lunch and I got more than what I asked for. Settled the groceries, the Internet as well as usage of the voucher. And then I even got a free pass to use the True Fitness gym at Djit Sun Mall. It’s not too bad. Shall try it out starting this Thursday. I really need to squeeze some time in between lunch to exercise. Right now, let’s really get back to work. Sigh… can foresee some big change coming…

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