Ramblings #0793

10.44am – Right. So I’ve been calculating my financial status since the morning and alas… I must have really overspent a little way too much for these past months. Yes yes, I know I ought to cut down, but really, as what the prophecy had said, there really IS a lot of temptations this year. And WOW, they are really all GOOD temptations. Sigh… so much so, indeed, it’s hard to resist. Nonetheless, I’ll try, really try…

11.55am – Goodness… only 10 minutes into this Spin Cycling class and my sweat is dripping like crazy!

12.46pm – I’m so glad it’s finally over. Hands off the bike, butt off the bike. Goodness… it’s the first time I’d ever tried and my legs are breaking. Though I only manage to hold for a few seconds, it’s enough to crippled both of my legs. I really wondered how those people can survive… Now… the legs felt numb…

2.56pm – Money, money, money… I started to really worry about it since I graduated from University. After which, bills started showing up with my name on it. One, two, three… and it continues to grow as you take up more responsibilities. Sigh… it’s a rat race out there. I hope little milkie won’t need to face that. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean I’m going to spoon feed her and let her have a life unlike mine. It basically means… I’m going to start her young, so that she’s got a head start compared to those of her peers, and then from there, hopefully, can get her above the race. Alternatively, a whole different concept as what our parents had shown us – a stable education with a stable income in a boring life.

*Looking at her photos on my screensaver* Darn. She’s so bloody cute, just like me. *LOL*


4.11pm – The Empress left. Hmm… let’s wish her good luck in her future endeavour. Again, she’s not a bad person by nature. Just a little too micro-managing at the point where she’s at her peak, and couldn’t manage well everything. Oh well, we shall see from now on…

4.33pm – I’m so freaking sleepy… Hang on… Hang on… an hour more…

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