Ramblings #0806

2.09am – I better stop reading and go to sleep lest I get the aches and what not tomorrow. Ah… indeed, I still love to read… *LOL* Oyasuminasai, minnasan.

7.56am – Not a good night sleep with the little one tossing and turning, and kicking me at times, and then me waking up due to that and of the phlegm. The sore throat had worsen for no reason, with the phlegm thickening with the clock. Body temperature seems to have increased. Slight cramps came to visit me as well. Urgh… wished I could take a day off work but… there’s going to be training for today and tomorrow, which I hate to reschedule unless for severe reasons.

Did I eat something wrong? I doubt so. No idea what’s happening too. I thought the virus had left my body since last Thursday, when did it decide to come back again? Sigh… Shall have to endure till Wednesday.

9.58am – Training starting soon…

10.50am – Done. Today, I’ve got a very quiet group.

11.13am – Am still sitting in the training room when everyone has left. Don’t really feel that well, so am skipping the hot yoga today. Will have to endure for the afternoon training via conference.

12.31pm – I really have no appetite… This is bad… Am I getting sick again?

2.30pm – Headaches.

4.06pm – The head aches like crazy…

4.45pm – I stared at the monitor, with the pain throbbing at the side of my head. Maybe a nice massage later would help?

5.11pm – Great. THAT smell is killing me! Urgh… Thank God it’s off work soon, else I’ll really suffocate and faint today!

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