Ramblings #0809

8.41am – Mozzie… mozzie… where are you…?

9.27am – Back in the office feeling weary. Even more so after looking at some photos of a friend taking a break with her husband. Hmm… where’s mine? It would have been great even if it’s just Bintan…

10.18am – I hate to be sick. Losing appetite. Nauseous. Bad night sleep. Sigh… recover soon, please…

1.58pm – Either I’m still drugged, or there’s way too many things in my head, or both. I remembered paying for the item, and then pushing the trolley away. Had I not stopped to draft a message to my admin, the cashier wouldn’t have manage to catch me leaving without the items that I bought. Gee… what was I thinking? The party, my admin, mocking jay…


And I almost fell down walking on flat grounds. I think I better take a cab back to office fast and rest. Must be due to the dehydration.

2.28pm – I miss you… where are you Prajan??? Ah… come back please… the new internal auditor sucks!! So much so I felt like strangling him!!!! URGH.

3.03pm – I think if this continues, I’m going to have a new name in my black list.

4.56pm – As much as I’m speaking Mandarin to little milkie now, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about her English. It’s important, really. For people don’t seem to even understand the differences between writing the description of an impact, and the corrective action taken.

5.18pm – So no mood to work. And there’s no free ride back home later. Hmm… so many things to carry back… should I take a cab? But it’s Friday… which means it will be difficult to grab a cab, if there’s any, at all. Unless you leave office early. Hmm…

5.32pm – Woo… boss angry with the new guy too…

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