Ramblings #0813

4.23am – Geez… I’m automatically waking up to check on little milkie to ensure that she’s not feeling too cold or got bitten by mozzies. And then checking if any mozzy got electrify. Urgh. No good… I need to sleep…

5.35am – Pinching feeling on the left side of my body. What is that?

7.47am – FINALLY!! I saw a dead mozzy beside!! I thought it was sticking on the machine and went to hit it, to realise that it’s already DEAD! Woohoo! One down! Better than none! At least I know it’s working! *Feeling happy*


9.43am – 11 more days and the PMP certification will expire. Urgh… Doing on last minute catch up. Hope I have enough time… Must start working today again. Last week’s a little messy after being very sick for a day, and goggy for the next few days. And then there’s the very late planning and decision on the tea party. So, GANBATTE today and ganbatte again!

10.05am – 气又不顺了…

10.58am – Sigh… shouldn’t have bought the clothes. Caused so much trouble. That’s the reason why I don’t like to ask people to help to buy things when they go overseas. Just give me a number, any number and I would have limit it. But how would I know the limits especially when I’m not being told? Use my common sense? You should see how I usually buy apparels. And it’s agreeable to be 16 packs before I hit the “CHECKOUT” button. I seriously am lost and confuse over here. Nonetheless, since I’m the one asking people for help, so I shan’t say much other than it’s going to be the first and the last time. Sigh…

Again, the world would be a much better place if everyone is a little bit more easy-going… the word is… “if”…

12.42pm – Woo… Didn’t notice an actor in our body combat class. Name? I have no idea. Didn’t even notice till my colleague pointed him out to me. A Chinese. Acted in one of the recent Channel 8 drama… eh… something Nanyang one. Li Nanxing’s younger brother. The one that likes Joanne Peh. Not too bad looking. Quite tall too. And I think I’ll be seeing him in this gym soon. *LOL*

1.11pm – Got out of the class earlier. Felt breathless today. Probably haven’t recover yet.

2.36pm – Oh. The Boss is here. And I thought I’ll be free today. Think she’s only not around due to some audit discussion. Sigh… Guess I’ll need to start work already… *SULK*

2.54pm – A new toy that cost $300+? Hmm… must really think hard…

3.46pm – Rotating between 3 things today – blogging, pmp-ing and auditing. And then… something caught my attention (I’m listening to the webinar)…

  • Sympathy – A relationship in which whatever affects one person affects the other in a similar way (e.g., You’re frustrated; therefore, I’m frustrated).
  • Empathy – The identification and understanding of the thoughts or feelings of the other (e.g., I can see that you are frustrated. What is frustrating you?).

And she (Jacqueline Dennis) says we need to strike a balance. First understand, and then to be understood. Well, I totally agree! ^^ Okay, let’s get back to work.

4.29pm – Food for thought: If you are a guy and picking up your wife at her work place is giving you a lot of problems such as waiting too long for her, no waiting slots etc., would you (a) ask the wife to go home on her own (b) go somewhere slightly further to wait and ask the wife to walk over (c) go somewhere slightly further to wait and then drive over only after your wife had come down (d) ignore all problems and focus on the main motive, i.e. to pick your wife up (e) continue to complain and rant on with no change (f) others, please state.

4.38pm – Suf-fo-ca-ting.

5.45pm – $399… $399… $399… $399…

9.46pm – Great. One hour after the Singtel guy came and asked if I want to install and sign up for their fibre Internet, my current Singtel cable Internet got problem. And it’s NOT the first time such coincidence happened. There’s at least 2 other occasions where I felt that there’s some issues too. Crap.

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