Ramblings #0819

1.05am – I can hardly keep my eyes open but little milkie continues to ask me questions. Goodness. What’s the time now??? Aren’t you going to sleep? – From an almost fainting mother.

9.26am – It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m still having a slight cough with the stupid phlegm stuck in my throat. With the air being so bad due to the haze, I wonder when will I recover… Drinking lots of water doesn’t seem to help much, or would it? If I drink even more of it?

11.27am – Coughing. So not going for gym. Sigh… Admin’s on half day, so I’m alone after lunch again. Sucks. Work sucks. But life still goes on… Saw me ex-boss updates on FB. She gave birth to another cute daughter. Ah… when will it be my turn? *LOL* I SO WANT TO GO HOME!

12.15pm – WOW… changing the whole soles of a pair of heels is going to cost me $30?!! I might as well go and buy a new pair! I think, DON’T ever go to the fix shoes shop at the basement of AMK hub, just outside of NTUC. It’s way too expensive! And getting worse!


12.22pm – Why would someone just sit onto a seat with someone else’s pair of shoes on the seat?? And I think the lady sitting beside the table is also a gong one! I sat there for a while, put my things there and she actually shifted her barangs, and when the guy asked her if it’s taken, she can actually replied something which led the guy to just sit down??! -.-”’

1.32pm – I have never exactly compared the prices of those identical items in both Phoon Huat and BIY but WOW. It’s at least 20%-40% difference! Of course, it’s BIY that’s more expensive. I’m so glad I went to Phoon Huat to have a look first. Maybe I should head down to the branch at Sims Avenue someday…

1.45pm – Time to go back to the office, alone.

1.50pm – What’s wrong with the people nowadays? Is it that difficult to acknowledge or said a “Thank you” or “Sorry”? I’m sitting in this cab, driven by an auntie. Told her to go to Serangoon North Ave 5. And she drove down Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, and then stop at the queue that’s turning up to the CTE. After 1 minute of waiting, I decided to ask her if she’s going straight or waiting to turn right. She said the latter and I told her can go straight. And then her face became even more black (for GOD knows what reason). So all the way, I told her where to turn lest she anyhow turn again. But never a time did she make any acknowledgement at all, which kept me wondering if she DOES hear what I’m saying. I’m pretty sure my tone was damn good and that I said a “Thank you” at the end of every directions. That was, till I reached my destination, and I realised that the (stupid and no manners) auntie is not going to have any manner at all, not even a tiny bit. She even just put that $0.20 change on the box between the front seats, and that’s it. I left and slammed the door after that.

SHC335Z. An auntie driving without her taxi license hanging anywhere. Only one license was there with an uncle’s photo. I don’t think she (or he) changed sex right? Is it right not to hang the license? It’s not the first time where I saw the cab driver, not being the one in the license. Maybe I should do a check on this.


2.58pm – Done with the last training of the quarter! I hope. I hope that last idiot won’t ask me to hope another one SPECIALLY for him. That’s the problem with people being TOO busy… right…

3.15pm – 2 webinars completed only. I’m too slow. Guess at most it’s a 4 by end of this work day. Will have to catch up with it back home…

3.52pm – One colleague at the Malaysia branch just quitted so suddenly. Sigh… and now another is there to handle the craps that’s left over when those on his plate is already overflowing… I hope he gets some help soon…

4.48pm – 4 down! 2 more to go!!

5.13pm – Gee… after a phone call… I forgotten what I need to do… O.O

5.15pm – PACK UP LIAO! Got free ride! *LOL*

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